Compliance is an integral part of all our Portfolios. We consider it extremely important to adhere and follow all the applicable guidelines set forth by the Bangladesh Labor Act 2006 and those required by our esteemed buyers. We strongly believe in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) throughout our Portfolios, while at the same time maintaining our manufacturing in a sustainable manner. We are constantly monitoring our compliance obligations and improving ourselves whenever there is lacking(s). 

To ensure all our Portfolios are genuine, all relevant licenses and certificates are up to date and can be provided, if and when required. The following are (but not limited to) some of the Certificates and Licenses issued to our Portfolios: 

  • Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGMEA) Membership Certificate (for MDL, M2000, ML, & MWL);
  • Bangladesh Export Oriented Garments Washing Industries Owners Association (BEOGWIOA) Membership Certificate (for MWDL);
  • Building Approval by Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) & Inspector of Factories (for MDL and M2000);
  • Building approval by Gazipur Municipal Corporation and Inspector of Factories (for MWL); Building approval by Local Government & Engineering Department (LGED) and Inspector of Factories (for MWDL and ML);
  • Approval certificate from the Board of Investment (BOI);
  • Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) Enrolment Certificate;
  • Import  Registration Certificate (IRC);
  • Export Registration Certificate (ERC);
  • Environmental Clearance Certificate (for MWDL);  
  • Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) License for Generators;
  • Diesel/ Petroleum Storage license (for ML);  
  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Trade License;
  • VAT/ TIN Certificate;
  • Factory License;
  • Fire policy insurance from Green Delta Insurance;
  • Group Insurance Certificate from BGMEA;
  • Accidental insurance policy for all employees with Green Delta Insurance;
  • Pest control Certificate;
  • Boiler License;
  • Certified Boiler Operators’ competency Certificate;
  • Certified Electrician operating in all Portfolios.  

We strive to help our employees in all necessary ways to create a suitable working environment where the entire workforce can work together like a big family. We are constantly looking for opportunities to provide our employees with the best working conditions and thus garnering their loyalty which would eventually lead to effective management and achieving production efficiency. Some of the facilities provided in all our Portfolios include the following: 

  • Medical Agreements with nearby hospitals/clinics to provide emergency care to all our employees at a discounted cost;
  • Special arrangement with Islamia Eye Hospital, Dhaka for all employees;
  • Availability of medical fund for financial constrained employees; 
  • Regular vaccination (de-worming and Hepatitis B test) conducted;
  • Availability of pure drinking water (tested twice every year by the Environmental Engineering Laboratory under the Department of Civil Engineering, BUET);
  • Furnished dining & resting areas;
  • Hygienic washing and toilet areas;
  • Free supply of sanitary napkins;
  • Broken needle register is maintained to ensure ultimate garment user’s safety;
  • Needle guard, pulley cover, eye guard, ear plug, mask and hand gloves are used where necessary;
  • Well equipped doctor’s room with qualified doctors and nurses able to provide primary treatment(s);
  • Assurance of 100% maternity benefit;
  • Stocked day care center for employees’ children (up to 6 years of age); 
  • Separate praying space for male and female employees;
  • Availability of Accidental Group insurance;  
  • Fire Safety Department headed by qualified person (former Asst. Director of Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defense);
  • Separate team of fire fighters (incentives also provided every month);
  • Installed Conventional Fire Alarm Detection & Hydrant System with sprinklers;
  • Awareness training provided to the all employees such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Safety, Health & Hygiene, Code of Conduct, Labor Law & Policies, among others;
  • Emergency Evacuation plan posted clearly on all exit paths with all walkways marked;
  • Public Address (PA) System installed and security covered 24/7 through CCTV; 
  • On time Payment of Salary, Wages & Overtime;
  • Availability of Attendance & Festival Bonuses;
  • Schooling facilities for employees’ children (for MWL).

Our employees are our most important resources. Providing and maintaining a carefree atmosphere for them is imperative, as it leads to employee satisfaction and better staff productivity. This practice has ensured very good employer – employee relationship leading to retention of workers who delivers their best products. The following are (among others) some aspects that we consider regarding our employee’s safety measures:


We have in-house doctors and nurses available for providing medical checkup, first aid, and/or even long term help or assistance with any specific health issues as part of our medical support to our employees.

First Aid Box:

Each of our unit floors contains a first aid box. For headache, minor injury, we stock important NSAIDS, Ointments, Antiseptics, Anti diarrhea medicines and bandages, etc. Boxes are checked every day to ensure that there are enough stock for use. 

Drinking Water:

For all the factory employees we provide safe and pure drinking water considering water to be vital for good health.

Fire Fighting System:

All our portfolios are stocked with the best possible fire fighting system. We have sufficient fire extinguishers and hose reels which are checked every week for ease of use (if and when required). We have also installed Conventional Fire Detection & Hydrant System with sprinklers. Also UL listed Fire Doors have been installed at all our portfolios to comply with ACCORD and ALLIANCE standard.

Fire drills are conducted every month in order to make sure all employees know what to do in the event of fire or any unforeseen mishaps. Emergency Evacuation plans are posted clearly on all exit paths with all walkways marked with red and yellow colored arrows to guide the workers safely towards the exit. 

For any compliance related inquiry, please contact: Mr. Abu Baker Siddik, Jewel (Incharge Admin & Compliance) –

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