Mark Designers Limited


Year of Establishment: May 1995
Total Factory Area: 47,201sq. ft (Approx.)
Production Area: 33,715sq. ft (Approx.)
Each Floor Area: 6,743sq. ft (Approx.)
Bonded Warehouse: 8,437 sq. ft (Approx.)
Total Human Resource: 850
Total Production Lines: 04
Total No. of Machines: 440 sets
Monthly Production Capacity: 100,000 – 120,000 pcs.
Main Manufacturing Process: Pattern & Sampling→ Cutting→ Sewing→ Finishing→ Packing
Products: Men’s/Ladies/Boys/Girls/ Kids clothing, especially Denim Long, Pants, Short & Long, Cargo Pants, Chino Pants, Long/Short, Pants, Bermuda, Jackets & Shirts etc.
Brands We work with: Inditex – Zara, C&A, V&D, JBC, Garcia, Shoeby,Bristol, Spring Field, Jeans Centre, LPP, Lake Side etc.
Regular Export Country: Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Poland.


Structural: Category Yellow
Electrical: We have corrected all the observation as per ACCORD instruction.
Fire: Almost all observations have been addressed.
Additional Info: In the ACCORD website, Mark Designers Ltd. ACCORD inspection report & Finalized CAP has already been posted. To view this report, please log on: ACCORD id: 10144.


Structural: Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA) presentation completed and all structural report have been submitted to Accord for reviewing and approval.
Electrical: Follow up Audit completed. Provided reports mentioning all observations corrected.
Fire: Follow up Audit completed. Provided reports mentioning all observations corrected.


Inditex: Ranking “ A” Approved
C & A: Ranking “ B” Approved
Benetton: Approved
SEDEX: Approved

  • No child/forced labor/harassment or any type(s) of discrimination.
  • Full time qualified Doctors and Nurses at factory premises with dispensary.
  • Day Care Facility available for all workers’ children inside the premises.
  • Payment of Salary, Wages & Overtime as per local law.
  • On time Payment of Salary, Wages & Overtime.
  • Additional payment of Festival Bonus, Attendance Bonus & Incentives.
  • Maternity benefit is 100% ensured.
  • Fire safety Unit headed by Retd. Asst. Director & Warehouse Inspector of Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defense.
  • Policies maintained among others include: Child labor, Health & Safety, Disciplinary Action, Grievance, Forced labor, Working hour, Leave, Maternity, Termination & Dismissal, Gender, Recruitment, Risk assessment, Energy Saving, Waste disposable, and Anti-corruption/ Anti-Bribery policies.
  • Conventional Fire detection & Fire Hydrant System with Sprinklers available in the premises.
  • Fire Drill performed every month with records maintained properly.
  • Work place regulated by ILO & Law of the land.
  • Compliance is ensured by an independent compliance cell/unit.
  • Workers are insured under Group Insurance Policy by BGMEA.
  • Hygienic work environment, clean toilets and pure drinking water ensured.
  • Furnished dining area. Separate areas for male and female (Praying & Resting).
  • All kinds of leaves & compensations are provided to workers as per local labor law.
  • Various Awareness program, like workers Health & Safety, Hygiene, PPE, Local Labor law, conducted regularly.
  • Appointment Letter, Wages/Pay Slip, ID card, Uniform & Time Card provided to all workers.
  • Injury Registers & Broken Needle Registers are also maintained.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ensured to workers and electricians as per requirements.
  • Floor Evacuation Plan posted in designated places.
  • Boiler operated by qualified Boiler operator & Electrical maintained by qualified electrician.
  • Medical agreement with discount facilities for all employees.
  • Canteen Facility available for all employees in the Factory Premises.  
  • For announcing/ advising & monitoring we have installed PA system & CC TV system in the Factory.
  • Free sanitary napkins provided.
  • Incentive pay to all fire fighters each month.
  • Additional accidental  insurance coverage for all workers with Green Delta Insurance Ltd.
  • Attendance & Festival Bonus.
  • Clothing gifts/donations.
  • Vaccination program is conducted at work place.